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Ayurveda an ancient system of medicine, which traces its roots to Vedic period stresses on holistic health, where it is not only provides palliative and curative medicine also plays a crucial role in prevention of recurring diseases, According to Ayurveda diseases occur when a person s out of harmony: three elements called doshas ‘Vata, Pitta and Kapha


At Aniruddha Ayurveda

We allow you to take advantage of natural healing capabilities of human body and nature by offering the following services:Rejuvenation therapies, Respiratory disorder management, Stress management, Skin disease management, Hair problems, Allergic disorder (Asthma and Sinusitis) Management, Pain relief management (Lower back pain, RA, OA (Rhematorid and osteo arthritis etc.), Life style disorders management, Sleeping disorders nutrition and diet


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